Being the very first one built on Blockchain technology,
POPKET PLAY is the biggest platform in Asia that links idols and their fans,
Allowing safe transaction and communication with privacy of everything K-Pop.

With the upcoming provision of real-time update of idol news, ticket reservation, fancam,
Webtoon, and idol ranking, POPKET PLAY will become the leading community in The development of K-Pop fandom and K-Pop lifestyle.

The channel that provides the fastest news about K-Pop stars and Korean entertainment in an accurate manner

Popket TV 

Owned-media that organizes POPKET PLAY’s main services, producing and broadcasting original contents and videos.

Entertainment news

In partnership with news media that focuses on entertainment in Asia, such as BNT, TENASIA, and JOYNEWS, providing hottest news about K-Pop stars and POPKET PLAY’s original content

A blockchain community where stars and fans communicate, with independent playroom to communicate with privacy

Ranking play

With POPKEY BANKING, fans will be allowed to manage their money through POPKEY PLAY, which includes Ranking Play, ranks of fandom based on real-time contribution, allowing fans to interact with each others and enjoy fan activities together. POPKEY PLAY will pick the first ranked idol of the month and produce exclusive contents for it.

Star play

STAR FREE PLAYROOM, directly managed by entertainment agencies and idols as a channel providing various news about idol. STAR FREE PLAYROOM will be ran on POPKET’s Blockchain technology to ensure the safety and privacy between fans’ and idols’ communication.

Fan play

FAN PLAYROOM, managed by fandoms of the same idol, provided a space for fans to interact and share information with each other. Transactions such as activity fees will be made simply and safely through digital currency, and communications will be made secure by Blockchain technology.

Channel that plays concerts, idols’ live streams, fancam, webtoons, and so on.

Popket live

Based on blockchain technology, Yes Live's live streaming service provides live broadcasting of the concert as well as sharing the daily lives of the stars. The contents can be paid or free according to the policy.


Channel where fans can upload and share videos such as fancam in real time. Owner of the channel can monetize its contribution, based on the number of subscriptions and viewing time, by putting on advertisement or providing paid content based on


POPKET provides solution to unreasonable pricing and illegal piracy of webtoons, cultural contents that led to new Korean wave, and offers a space to authors who have original works to publish and serialize.

Corporation / Donation

Yes Live Co., Ltd. is an entertainment company that produces broadcasting programs and large concerts and serves POPKETPLAY, Asia's largest fan meeting platform based on blockchain technology.

Popket coin

Popket Coin is a digital currency that can be used in POPKETPLAY, which can be used in ranking play and purchasing live videos of stars and fancams produced and uploaded by fans, and more.